po drugiej stronie tęczy..., strona do marzeń, zamyśleń... strona dla czasu,
który warto poświecić, nie myśląc o tym ile się traci,
a jedynie jak wiele zyskuje...

Paweł Wojtyszyn - Adventure and exploration

Adventure - this after me and before me..


A lot of things has been said and written about travels.. the big and the small ones. We all know they shape our souls, expand our minds and teach humility. But meaby all of it's beauty lies outside the definition? Meaby need of defining can easily destroy something instead of arranging? Maybe when we try to find the answer we accidentally lose the surprise. And all that for the passing joy of exploration of a.. trivial truths?

Briefly then!

Be the hothead of Your own character and the things You do along with Your principles. Whatever You do, do it as if it was Your own religion. Just for Yourself, not for anyone else. And if in any situation You decide You want to be “macho".. go on and try to make someone’s day better then it was yesterday. You will feel like a real man.

Out of all my travels I most remember:

  • - Malawi lakes Islands
  • - making polish dumplings on the IIha de Mozambique
  • - almost being raped on the Zanzibar (sic!) ;]
  • - my first malaria
  • - my first hunting
  • - my first own canoe. La Sing and Nouna rivers. La Falez in Minkebe
  • - Motaba river and Ndoki as the last place on earth..
  • - hunger and loosing 20 kilograms of weight
  • - my first container full of masks traveling to Poland
  • - smugglers and slaves
  • - presidential elections in Kinshasa
  • - fear
  • - the taste of wild honey
  • - parties in Makokou sponsored by Gin&Tonic ;)
  • - stones flying in my direction in Nigeria ;]
  • - struggling with the book “Code of Administrative Procedure” on Tenere desert
  • - my arms bitten and legs scratched..
  • - traveling without camera, with no pressure to take any pictures
  • - and many more.. but that’s all mine ;)


Wagabundo Travel, and

.. just my own caravan ;), but everything in it’s own time.

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